SRS Base and Impregnated Filter Paper for Air, Fuel and Lube Oil Filters extensively used in Automotive and Industrial Applications

Paper Products

SRS PAPERS AND BOARDS PVT LTD is producing all Automotive Base Filter Papers means High volume Base Filter paper with 80 GSM to 200 GSM and Air resistance range at 24 L/min 9 mmwg to 50 mmwg.

Low volume Base Filter Paper: Grammage range from 80 GSM to 250 GSM and Air Resistance range at 24 L/min is 80 mmwg to 300 mmwg.

Crepe filter paper (Brown crepe and White crepe CAV): Grammage 80 GSM to 250 GSM and Air Permeability range from 3.0 L/min to 20 L/min/10 cm2 area.

Our Base filter Paper application details are given below:

  • Air Filter

  • Oil Filter

  • Lube Oil Filter

  • High Efficiency Air Filter

  • Hydraulic Filter

  • Heavy Duty Air Filter

  • Long Life Lube Oil Filter

  • Ist and IInd Stage Fuel Filter

  • Fuel Filter

  • Edible Oil Filter

  • Transformer Oil Filter

  • Fuel Filter (Brown Crepe)

  • Fuel Filter (White Crepe, CAV)

  • Seed Germination Paper (SGP)

Impregnation Paper

FILTER Paper Impregnated with Phenolic resin like Air filter, Oil filter, Fuel filter. The Colour, Size, & Specification parameter can be changed as per the customer’s requirement. We can provide you best quality and reasonable price.

We can say that Our Impregnation paper can fit for all filters and has good features. Material is supplied in the form of rolls. Available maximum width is 1100 mm and lower width 50 mm. We supply pleating with slitting as per customer’s requirement.

Product details given below:

Product description.

  • Usage : Air filter, Oil filter, Fuel filter

  • Phenolic resin content : 20~22%

  • Slitting Width : 50mm to 1100mm

  • Pleating size : 5mm to 50mm

Packaging & Shipping

  • Inner packing : Plastic film

  • Middle packing : Craft paper

  • Outer paking : Plastic film

  • Top-Bottom packing : Paper pallet


  • We are manufacturer

  • Long working life

  • Customers required size available

  • On time delivery

  • We can develop any Base Filter Paper as per customer specifications as well as sample Base